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"Creativity as a vocation" successfully completed
18/12/2017 06:14
Open call for high school students for "Creativity as a vocation"
05/12/2017 05:57
Cinema City Association hosts international training "FeeLMS for Creativity"
23/10/2017 08:49
Gradić Fest Closed: The Sleeping Podgrađe Awakened with a Kiss of Art
06/09/2017 05:47
Gradić Marvelous Even After the Rain
06/09/2017 01:44
An Evening Bursting with Art Opened the Gradić Fest
05/09/2017 05:35
Press Conference about the Gradić Fest Concept and Programmes of All Partner Organizations
31/08/2017 06:27
Gradić Fest General Information
30/08/2017 08:17
“Holy Air” and “Adriana’s Pact” Screenings Rescheduled and Relocated
30/08/2017 08:05
“Adriana’s Pact” at This Year's Cinema City International Film Festival
30/08/2017 02:35
Warm Clothes for a Warmer Experience at the Festival
30/08/2017 02:30
A fascinating program at the Gradić Fest
28/08/2017 03:27
Take a Look at the Gradić Fest Map
25/08/2017 03:38
Experience “Gora” at the Cinema City Festival
24/08/2017 07:57
Dane Komljen’s Debut “All the Cities of the North” in the National Class Section
24/08/2017 07:53